Wimbledon Iron Age Fort (Caesar’s Camp)

On Wimbledon Common remains a circular contour Iron Age Fort that covers an area of around 11 acres.

The earthworks date from around the 3rd century BC, with further traces of Belgic (Late Iron Age) occupation.

The fort, also named Caesar’s Camp is situated on a spur that overlooks the land to the west across Beverly Brook in Wimbledon Common just south of Putney.

The ramparts were slighted in 1875 by John Samuel Sawbridge-Erle-Drax who had planned to develop and build on the monument. Thankfully site plans had been drawn prior that showed a counterscarp bank on all sides.

Only on the NNW side, where the ground slopes steeply down to a boggy area is there any significant natural defence surviving today.

There are no signs of the entrance in the NW corner, nor of that in the south side shown but remains of a counterscarp bank still survive in the southern half.

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