Caesar’s Well

Caesar’s Well is a natural spring and source of the River Ravensbourne via Keston Ponds in Keston London.

The name of the site is supposedly attributed to “Holy Wells of England” 1893, 80 (R.C. Hope) where it states that “the source of the Raven’s Bourne, is so called because when Caesar’s legions were marching along that way to London, being destitute of water, a huge raven settled down upon this well, which is said to possess healing  properties.”

As there is no archaeological evidence or material sources to support the statement, no credible assumptions can be made about the origins of the name or any connection to the Romans using the spring.

Adjacent to the site is an Iron Age earthwork or possible hill fort aptly called “Caesar’s Camp” – but the origins of this site are also obscure without further archaeological investigations.

During the 18th century, the spring became a popular location for bathing and has more recently been landscaped by Bromley Council.


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